Faculty of Physical Education and Sport


Ihor Ripak

Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Candidate of Physical Education and Sport (Ph. D.), Football Department Associate Professor of Lviv State University of Physical Culture.
Student's football team coach of Lviv State University of Physical Culture.


Over the 41 year history of the sports department prepared a large number of famous Ukrainian athletes: Vasyl Ivanchuk, Lesia Leskiv, Vasyl Kardash, Andrii Husin, Alla Cherkasova, HradIuk Nadiia, Kozhushko Vitalii, Mariia Stadnyk, Senkiv Taras and others. So in 1969, besides teaching faculty was established athletic department, which credited the best athletes of the institute.
The first graduation Sports Department accounts for 1973 - 81 students, with 101 accepted for training in 1969, with nine sports specialization. Graduates are awarded the qualification of teachers of physical education - coaching. Of these 4 people were awarded with distinction.
October 21, 1975 order of the Institute for the number 596 Board was established in the sports department of 14 people.
In order to improve the structure of the institute and by the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" decision of the Academic Council LDIFK from 21.01.2003, the athletic department was renamed the Faculty of Sport, on the faculty Academic Council.
Considering availability of professionally-oriented graduates and the demand for specialists - rehabilitologists, in the 1995-1996 academic years at the faculty of the experimental group was organized to study an extra 5 course for training in physical rehabilitation. Financing of the experimental group performed at the expense of students and at the expense for educational work.
In 1996, when in  the sports department was the department of rehabilitation and recreation, which worked three years - until the formation of a single Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Culture. Three consecutive years (1999-2001) in the sports department also worked two state examination boards.
Since 2003, Dean transferred magistracy. Now of the Faculty of Sport 22 graduate students.
Leading athletes have the right to engage in the university on an individual schedule.
Coach team of students from Lviv State University of Physical Culture on football.

Academic Departments:

-    Theory of sport and physical education;
-    Olympic education;
-    Athletic sports;
-    Winter sports; 
-    Football;
-    Fencing, boxing and national single combat;
-    Shooting and technical sports.

The faculty provides training of qualification levels:

Physical education and sport



Physical education and sport


Terms of education:

•    Bachelor – 4 years
•    Master – 1,5 year