Honored award of Ivan Boberskyi

In 24 May, 2011 academic council of Lviv state university of physical culture decided to establish the Honored LDUFK award of professor Ivan Boberskyi.

It was established to 100-th anniversary of founding Sports Society “Ukraina” and on the occasion of LDUFK 65-th anniversary  and 20-th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine.

Persons are decorated by honored award for merits before Lviv state university of physical culture, Ukrainian sport, and scientific, educational and methodical, and enlightening achievements in the field of Ukrainian national physical culture sciences and their popularization.  

Ivan Boberskyi (04.08.1873 - 17.08.1947) - A prominent figure in the West-Ukrainian sports movement of late XIX - the first quarter of XX century, organizer, founder, theoretician and practitioner.

Ivan Boberskyi was born 14 August 1873 in Dobrohostiv in the family of priest. He studied at Sambir school and ta University of Lviv, and at the universities of Vienna and Graz. He studied recent experience in the area of physical education and sports traveling in France, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany.

Professor of Academic Gymnasium in Lviv - Germanist, teacher of physical education. Activist and head of fellowship "Sokil-Batko" (1908 - 1914), initiator of establishing sports society of university students "Ukraina" (1911), benefactor and sympathizer of Ukrainian Scout Organization "Plast". One of the first theorists and methodologists of Ukrainian national physical culture. The author of the first textbooks and teaching materials of "Fun and outdoor games" (1904 - 1905), "Footballr" (1906), "Value of physical training fellowships" (1909) and others. Creator of Ukrainian terms and concepts in the field of sports activities, founder of physical education instructor’s courses and teacher of prominent figures in physical education, including Petro Franko, Stepan Haiduchok and others. Initiator of land redemption and creation of Ukrainian playground in Lviv.

During the First World War - member of Battle council of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, active leader of cultural and educational formation "Presova kvartyra" of USR.

Writer and journalist, author of the reports of the Olympics Games 1936 in Berlin.

In 1928 Ivan Boberskyi was named the "Father of Ukrainian physical education" for considerable achievements in physical education and promotion of Ukrainian Scout Organization "Plast".

From the first years of Ukrainian independence the LDUFK revives the unique Ukrainian historical sports heritage of our region. Since the early 90's and till our days in the university are held a solemn academies of professor Ivan Boberskyi (1993, 1998, 2003, 2008).