Faculty of Physical Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy)


Faculty of Physical Rehabilitation was created in 2002 (Order № 7-r of January 21, 2002).



Miroslava Danylevych

Dean of Faculty of Physical Rehabilitation, Associate Professor, Ph. D in physical training and sport, Ukraine Excellent Education, Master of Sports.



  • Academic Departments:

-    Physical rehabilitation;
-    Recreation and physical education;
-    Biochemistry and hygiene;
-    Valeology and sports medicine;
-    Anatomy and physiology.

The faculty provides training of qualification levels:
1. Bachelor:

 - Physical therapy, occupational therapy (ergotherapy)


2. Master:

 - Physical therapy, occupational therapy (ergotherapy)

Qualification: Master of physical rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation specialist, physical therapist and occupational therapist


Terms of education:

  • Bachelor – 4 years
  • Master – 1,5 year