Faculty of Physical and Occupational Therapy


Faculty of Physical Rehabilitation was created in 2002 (Order № 7-r of January 21, 2002). In 2018 renamed to Faculty of Physical and Occupational Therapy.



Myroslava Danylevych

Dean of Faculty, Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical Education and Sport (Ph. D.), Ukraine Excellent Education, Master of Sport.



  • Academic Departments:

-    Physical rehabilitation;
-    Recreation and physical education;
-    Biochemistry and hygiene;
-    Valeology and sports medicine;
-    Anatomy and physiology.

The faculty provides training of qualification levels:
1. Bachelor:

 - Physical and occupational therapy 


2. Master:

 - Physical and occupational therapy 

Qualification: Master of physical rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation specialist, physical therapist and occupational therapist


Terms of education:

  • Bachelor – 4 years
  • Master – 1,5 year