Faculty of Physical Education

This Faculty got the present name in 2003, before it was Pedagogical Faculty.



Roman Petryna

Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, Associate Professor of Gymnastics and Choreography Department,  Candidate of Physical Education and Sport (Ph. D.).




Academic Departments:

-    Theory and methodology of physical education;
-    Track and field athletics;
-    Water sports;
-    Ball games;
-    Gymnastics and Choreography.

The faculty provides training of qualification levels:

1. Bachlor:

 - Secondary education (physical education)


 - Choreography.


2. Master:

 - Secondary education (physical education)

Qualification: Master of physical education , lecturer of physical education, coach 


 - Choreography.


Terms of education:

Bachlor - 4 years

Master - 1,5 year