Halychanka handball players make it to the 1/8 finals of the European Cup in a dramatic struggle

Lviv handball team “Halychanka”, which consists of 90 percent of students and graduates of our University, played the return match of the third previous round (1/16 finals) of the European Cup season-21/22. On the floor of Chemkostav Arena in the Slovak city of Michalovce, the current champions of Ukraine lost with a score of 18:22 to the local club “Juventus”, which is the winner of the joint championship of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. But thanks to the home victory in the first game (27:22), Vitaly Andronov’s wards “bit” the ticket to the 1/8 finals for the sum of two matches with a one-goal advantage (45:44).


Juventa (Michalovce, Slovakia) –
Halychanka (Lviv, Ukraine) – 22:18 (11: 8)

The first match – 22:27 (10:15)

Nov. 21. Michalovce. Chemkostav Arena. Start – 20:30

Judges: Andrzej Czarzan, Michal Janas (both Poland).
EGF delegate – Ilona Tordai (Hungary).

Juventa: Naira Morgana Mendes De Almeida (16 shots, 7 saves – 43.75%), Irina Yablonskaya Bobal (15, 6 – 40) – Milisa Trifunovich (6 goals, 9 shots), Patricia Vollingerova (4, 7), Vladimir Baichova (4, 5), Marianna Rebichova (3, 8), Ivana Godech (2, 4), Bibiana Stefanikova (1, 1), Martina Popovtsova (1, 3), Maria Radovich (1, 2), Alyona Dvorzhakova 0, 0), Nikoleta Trunkova (0, 0), Yevhenia Koguch (0, 0), Valeria Dulinova (0, 0), Adriana Goleyova (0, 1), Lilia Klyuchkova (0, 0).

Head coach – Jan Benadik.
Coaches – Boris Aspridis, Martina Kazakova.

HALYCHANKA: Victoria Saltanyuk (30 shots, 8 saves – 26.67%), Maria Polyak (1, 0 – 0) – Diana Dmytryshyn (4 goals, 4 shots), Maryana Markevich (4, 7), Anastasia Melekestseva 4, 7), Tetyana Polyak (3, 5), Iryna Prokopyak (1, 1), Marina Konovalova (1, 4), Kateryna Kozak (1, 2), Natalia Shiplyak (0, 0), Olesya Dyachenko 0, 0), Sofia Golinska (0, 0), Yulia Maksymeiko (0, 0), Lyudmila Martyniuk (0, 0), Angelina Ovcharenko (0, 0), Khrystyna Maikut (0, 0).

Head coach – Vitaly Andronov.
Coaches – Tatiana Stefan, Oksana Ploshchinskaya.

Shots on goal (goals): 39 (22 – 56.41%) – 30 (18 – 60.00%).

Seven-meter throws: 5 attempts / 3 goals – 5 attempts / 3 goals.

Warning: no – Melekestseva, Shiplyak.

Withdrawals for 2 minutes: Trifunovich, Rebichova, Godech, Stefanikova, Trunkova – Markevich, Melekestseva (twice), Dmytryshyn, Prokopyak, Dyachenko, Martyniuk.

Withdrawal until the end of the game: no – no.

After the victory over Juventus in the home match (27:22), the Lviv team went to Slovakia with an advantage over the goals scored “+5”. The reserve, as for handball, is small, but it gave hope. The Galicians had to lose by five goals or more. More precisely, a difference of five goals was allowed, but on the condition that the Galicians would score more in Mikhalovets than the Slovaks in Lviv. That is, in the event of a five-goal loss, our girls had to score more than 22 goals.

“Halychanka” understood that “Juventus” will do everything to win back. Of course, Halychanka head coach Vitaliy Andronov was aware of this, calling Juventus one of the favorites to win the European Cup. And one of Juventa’s players, Vladimir Baichov, said in a pre-match interview: “Five goals in handball is nothing. We are not deprived of chances. I am confident that we will be able to play the deficit of five goals.

Juventa head coach Jan Benadik also hoped for a rematch: “We have the advantage of the home field. Some sections of the match (in Lviv – ed.) Showed us the way to success. If we use all this properly, the chances of beating Halychanka for the sum of two matches are quite real for us.

And the chances at Juventus were really real, as evidenced by the start of the match. Lviv could have opened the scoring in the first minute, but Diana Dmytryshyn did not score a penalty. Instead, the hosts scored their seven-meter throw in the 2nd minute – 1: 0.

Halychanka’s goal was opened by Maryana Markevich, a graduate of our University, in the 3rd minute – 1: 1. However, by the 14th minute, the Slovaks scored six more times, and Halychanka scored none – 7: 1 in favor of the hosts. The Lviv team scored the second goal in the 15th minute, when the team captain Tetyana Polyak scored – 7: 2. But the Slovaks also responded with an accurate shot – 8: 2.

And then there was another penalty not scored by the Galicians. This time Tatiana Polyak wasted her chance. Not to mention four of the seven unrealized throws from seven meters by our players in a home match a week ago.

The Slovaks are triumphing, but, as further developments on the ground have shown, they are doing so early. Because the last ten minutes of the first half will be won by Halychanka: six goals from Lviv against three goals from Slovakia. Maryana Markevich and Tetyana Polyak and Diana Dmytryshyn (penalties) and Anastasia Melekestseva were thrown at us twice. So the team went to the break with a score of 11: 8 in favor of “Juventus”.

Is it worth explaining how intense the second half started ?! The fans must have used validol. But the teams rushed into battle. Kateryna Kozak’s goal in the first minute of the half

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